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Hey player, welcome to SlotsUp guide to the Neteller casino — the best way to make the real money deposit in the online casinos. On this page, we have had a close look at one of the most popular online payments methods, the Neteller, to make it clear where and how you can use it for gambling, what the perks are, and where to get the special bonus offers for even more lucrative online games betting. We’ve also created the list of online casino sites that accept Neteller as a depositing or withdrawing method as well as the list of the countries where Neteller is allowed or blocked. On the websites from the SlotsUp list, you’ll be able to play all kinds of gambling games from slots to blackjack with Neteller deposits and even take your games with you by going mobile.

Online Casinos that accept MasterCard Payments

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The company was found back in 1999 and now is operating in more than 200 countries offering its high-quality services for online payments of all kinds. With the help of Neteller, you can make purchases in online shops, get payments for your business and, obviously, make deposits and withdrawals in dozens of the reliable online casinos under the best conditions. It’s also known for the best anti-fraud tools and security features which is definitely the most important point while choosing a payment option for gambling or just an e-wallet for money transfers. We already feel that you are ready to make a first deposit but if you are not, let’s dive into details that will likely convince you.






How to Withdraw from Neteller Casinos?

Making online gambling deposits is cool but withdrawing your winnings is always much cooler, isn’t it? The worst thing about withdrawals that they can take a lot of time and you’ll have to postpone the purchases you planned to make with the winnings. Neteller has cracked this problem by introducing instant deposits and withdrawals. In some online casinos, a short processing time may be included, but usually, you’ll be able to make a Neteller casino withdrawal in a flash. So how do you withdraw the winnings from the casino?

  1. Go to the online casino with Neteller withdrawal that you’ve been playing in.
  2. Open your account, check the balance and if you think you are ready to withdraw the money, proceed to the next step.
  3. Open the Withdrawal tab and choose Neteller among all the possible withdrawing methods.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, approve your identity and wait until the money is transferred to your wallet.
  5. Now you can either keep the money on your Neteller account or withdraw it to your credit/debit card or a bank account.

Advantages of Using Neteller as Deposit Methods

Neteller offers instant and easy deposits and money transfers. As you already know, the Neteller deposit can be made within minutes which makes it a perfect option for those who prefer playing from time to time without making deposits in advance.

Neteller is extremely safe. The company pays special attention to its security and claims to be the safest online payment service in the world. As all of your money is kept in the company’s trust accounts, you can be sure it will not disappear and both your winnings and your personal information will be safe and secure. To add more, Neteller is authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority meaning it’s the company you can always trust.

Neteller offers the special conditions for the VIP customers. The company has several levels of the VIP program and each of them will give you the special bonuses and rewards from the 24/7 customer support online chat and personal manager to the decreased fees and free money transfers.

Neteller has a reward program. Even if you are not transferring the huge amounts of money that will make you a VIP member, you can become a part of the reward program and get the bonus points every time you use your account for online deposits or withdrawals in online casinos or anywhere else. These bonus points can later be redeemed for the real money or used to pay for the Neteller services. The more you pay — the more you get!


Neteller Casinos by Country

Even though Neteller is very popular for online deposits all over the globe, not everyone can use it due to some countries’ strict gambling laws. If you are an experienced gambler and traveler at the same time, you probably know that there are some places in the world where it’s much easier to make your bets than in the other ones and vice versa. So here is a short information about the countries that allow Neteller as a depositing method in online casinos and about the countries that do not.

Neteller Casinos in the US

After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was approved in the USA, things got pretty bad for the US gamblers as all the US online casinos that accept Neteller as well as some other e-wallets were blocked and prohibited to use.

After the long struggle, Neteller finally made it way back to the USA but it can now only be used in a few poker rooms as most of the states still prohibit online gambling and especially the games of chance that were the most popular products in the Neteller casinos US. So now you’d have to use some other depositing methods such as bank transfers or Western Union and wait for the day when the USA online casinos that accept Neteller come back to the market.

Neteller Casinos in Canada

Canada is also notorious for its unfavorable online gambling laws which means we can’t impress you with the Neteller casinos Canada, at least now, when the Neteller Canada gambling laws are not about to change. Even though Neteller used to operate in the country some time ago and was used in the Canadian online casinos that accept Neteller, today it’s officially prohibited and the company has ceased all of its gambling-related services in Canada. Now there is no legal Neteller casino in Canada and the players will need to look for other depositing methods, though online casino Canada with Neteller deposits would be much easier.

Neteller Casinos in the UK

Finally, here is a country that lets the players all kinds of online depositing methods they want, including betting in a Neteller casino UK. The United Kingdom has much more loyal online gambling laws and thus we have a bunch of the Neteller casinos UK to offer for your attention. You can safely and legally make your bets in any online casino UK Neteller from the list without any restrictions.

Neteller Casinos in Australia

Now when we’ve had some good news, it’s time to drop a fly in the ointment. Even though Australia is included in the list of the countries serviced by Neteller and thus Neteller can be used here for online shopping or money transfers, it’s not allowed to be used for gambling and there is no legal Neteller casino in Australia.

Every Neteller casino Australia online was blocked when the Australian online gambling laws changed so the players are again in search of other depositing methods.

Neteller Casinos in New Zealand

Unfortunately, online gambling laws is that thing that Australian and New Zealand have in common meaning the Kiwi country doesn’t allow Neteller to be used for gambling too and there are no New Zealand online casinos that accept Neteller currently on the market. The absence of the Neteller casinos in New Zealand may be a problem for someone but luckily there are still some other depositing options available.

Neteller Casinos in Germany

The EU countries have much more loyal conditions for the online gambling fans so there are quite a lot of German casinos accepting Neteller to fit every taste. Moreover, the Net+ prepaid cards are also available for the deposits in the Neteller casinos in Germany. These cards allow instant online deposits and, according to the company itself, is the best thing you can use for online gambling today.

Neteller Casinos in Sweden

Sweden is a great country to visit and a great country to try some online gambling as well as it’s allowed here in all legal forms with many possible depositing options available, Neteller being one of them. On this page, you’ll find a list of the reliable Neteller casinos in Sweden and learn how to make your deposits and withdrawals in the Swedish casinos with Neteller too.

Neteller Casinos in Finland

Finland is completely okay with online gambling and its online gambling laws allow the players choose almost any possible payment method. As Neteller is one of the most popular online payment systems in the world, it’s obvious that it’s available in Finland as well so you can safely make the bets in the Neteller casino sites for Finnish players. We are constantly updating the list of the Neteller casinos in Finland for you to try as many great websites as you can.

Neteller Casinos in Denmark

The northern country of Denmark is not as cold when it comes to the online gambling laws. In Denmark, you can use Neteller to make online casino bets in one of the Danish Neteller casinos online and we will be glad to help you find the best and the most reliable casino in Denmark accepting Skrill.

Neteller Casinos in Belgium

As for the online casinos that take Neteller in Belgium, there is no problem in finding them too as they are allowed and regulated by the country’s online gambling laws. Just make sure you check the SlotsUp list of the Neteller online casinos in Belgium so that we can show you what we’ve got in here.

Neteller Casinos in Portugal

Warm sun, not-so-warm ocean, and the regulated online gambling market — here are a few things that are waiting for you in this country. There’s no shortage in Neteller casino sites in Portugal which means you can play gambling games for real money and make the deposits quick and easy in any online casino that accepts Neteller.


Neteller Casino Types

While the technologies are moving forward in every sphere of our lives, online casinos don’t rest on their laurels too and now every player can choose an online casino for their own preference. It doesn’t mean which device you are going to use and what kind of games you prefer, the SlotsUp list of online casinos is full of the perfect websites all united by one useful feature — all of them accept Neteller as a payment option. Please find below several kinds of the online casinos we are offering and enjoy playing the games the way you want it.

Mobile Casinos that Accept Neteller

If there is one type of online casinos whose popularity has significantly grown for the last years — it’s the mobile ones. Some time ago, gambling games could only be played in the brick-and-mortar venues and if you didn’t have one around — you could only play a round of cards at home. Then, online gambling websites appeared to completely transform the whole industry of the gambling games. Now, the players didn’t even need to leave their houses to make some spins in slots or to bet some money on poker. The number of online games and their quality have grown too, giving the players a wide choice of gambling products to spend their money on. But finally, the mobile casinos were invented to bring the newest revolution to the gambling world.

With the mobile casino Neteller, you neither have to travel to the place where there is a land-based casino nor have to stay home near your computer to play in an online casino. The Neteller mobile casino keeps all of your favorite online games in your pocket so that you can play them anywhere — on a bus stop, during a coffee break, on a boring meeting while no one is looking or wherever there is 4G5G connection or the mobile Internet coverage. Every Neteller casino mobile from our list combines the high-quality of graphics and gameplay, the wide choice of available games and the portability you’ve always been looking for. The Neteller deposit mobile casino is usually compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices including smartphones and tablets of all kinds so there won’t be a problem finding one that works well on your device.

There are two kinds of the mobile casino that accept Neteller on the market — you can either pick the mobile casino with Neteller deposit that works in your mobile browser or a mobile casino with Neteller depositing option that has its own mobile app to download. Both of them have their pros and cons and you can only try all of them to find the best casino mobile Neteller for yourself.

Live Casinos that Accept Neteller

Live dealer casinos are another state-of-the art stage in the world of online gambling that already has a lot of fans. The main concept of the live casino with Neteller deposit is that you can get a feeling that you are playing in the real land-based casino while staying at home and playing online casino games on your computer or a mobile device. In the live online casinos, the games are streamed from the video studios where the real gambling process is taking place. Thus, the live dealers and the players from all over the world meet in one place to play their favorite online casino games such as roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and so on.

Here, you can have a small talk with other players in an online chat, have a drink while playing just like in a real casino (with the only difference that you’ll have to prepare it by yourself), and watch the dealer handling the cards.

It’s important to say that an online live casino with Neteller as a depositing method is extremely easy to use. Even though those live streaming technologies may sound complicated, your transactions will be made in a few clicks and even the newbie will be able to handle the depositing and playing processes. Live online casinos are the great way to mix up your gambling routine and try something unusual but if you’ve already tried them all — feel free to move to our next section where all of the newest online casinos are waiting for your bets.

New Casinos that Accept Neteller

Here on SlotsUp, we are not only collecting the best and the most reliable online casinos but also keep an eye on the newest releases of games and websites. As soon as the new Neteller casino appears on the market, it gets into the careful hands of our experts team to get checked and approved and then make it to the list of the new Neteller casinos. We always check the online casino license so that you can feel safe, the casino’s list of games so that you can something to choose from, the casino’s usability so that you can play smoothly and easily, and the casino’s adjustability so that you can play the games in your own language and using your currency. Every time you play in a new casino with Neteller deposits from this list, you can be sure it has passed all the tests and is ready to impress you with the highest quality and the most lucrative online gambling games.

This section is the one that we recommend visiting from time to time in order not to miss the latest updates and be among the first players who make their bets in the newest Neteller online casinos. And we, in our turn, will do our best to add the new Neteller casinos as soon as they appear.


Neteller Casino Games

In the Neteller online casinos, you’ll find all kinds of online gambling games that can basically be divided into two large groups — online games of chance and online games of skill. In the games of chance, everything depends on your luck and the casino’s algorithm. These games are usually quite simple and can be quickly mastered by the beginners as they don’t require learning and remembering any rules.

If luck doesn’t seem to be reliable enough for you, you can try the game of skill where you’ll need to acquire the rules that can sometimes be very detailed and then show your skills in the game. All of these games can be played with the Neteller used as the depositing method and, obviously, as the withdrawing method if you were lucky and skilled enough.

Neteller Slots

If the award for the most popular online casino game was given, it would go to the online video slots, and the Neteller slots in particular. The online slots with Neteller deposits have won hearts of millions due to their simple rules, entertaining plots, and high chances to win. Among the casino slots with Neteller payment option, you’ll find the games created both by the globally renowned providers and the smaller companies, the simpler 3-reel classic games and the sophisticated 5-reel video slots, the games about witches, dragons, vampires, and wild animals. We’ve collected all of them on SlotsUp together with the best slot sites that accept Neteller to make these high-quality slots Neteller available to every player. We definitely recommend playing the online slots with Neteller deposit both to the beginners (as it’s an extremely simple game) and the experienced players (as it’s a perfect way to get some rest after the more complicated game of skills). You can play slots with Neteller deposits in one of the online casinos from the list or try them for free on SlotsUp if you are not ready to play the online slots for real money with Neteller.

Neteller Roulette

Black or red, odd or even? These are the questions that every player ask themselves while the roulette wheel is spinning around, waiting for the ball to stop. In the online casinos from our list, you’ll find several kinds of online roulette Neteller, including the European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette.

As roulette is a game of chance too, it’s very simple to master and can bring a lot of fun with the short learning curve. While playing online roulette for real money with Neteller, the fans will be able to enjoy the top-quality graphics, the variety of game types, and the quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Neteller Blackjack

If you’ve ever played cards in your life, you’ve definitely heard about blackjack Neteller or “twenty-one”, as it’s also called. Being one of the simplest games of skill, it has one aim — overplay the dealer by getting the higher number of points without exceeding 21. Blackjack with Neteller deposits is the first game you need to try if you got bored of the games of chance but don’t want to spend hours on learning the rules. In the online casinos from this page, you’ll find the blackjack online Neteller from the world’s best online casino games providers. Just pick one of them and play blackjack online for real money with Neteller deposits as it’s the most convenient way to transfer the money to an online casino and enjoy the games whenever you want.

Neteller Baccarat

The Big Three of card games includes blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Even though baccarat with Neteller is not the most popular one of them, it’s still a great game that, luckily, can be played online. There are three kinds of baccarat: baccarat chemin de fer, baccarat banque, and punto banko — the most frequently played one. All of these Neteller baccarat online games can be played in the online casinos from the SlotsUp list regardless of how much money you are going to bet as Neteller allows both small and large deposits.

Neteller Live Casino Games

The great thing is that you can play all of these games not only in the regular online casino but also in the live one to get the most from this gambling experience. The live dealer casinos also accept Neteller as the depositing and withdrawal method and you can find the best of them on this page.


Neteller Casinos by Software

Being specific in your wishes is always great, even if we are talking just about the online casino games. If you are a newbie, you are more likely just coming to the online casino to play some slots or a roulette but if you’ve been playing for some time already, you might want to try the games by the specific providers to get to know them, their similarities and differences, and their pros and cons. If you are one of them, take a look at our short guide to the best and the most famous online casino games providers and their products.

NetEnt Neteller Casinos

NetEnt was one of the first companies to start creating online casino games and is still claiming itself to be “pioneers for 20 years”. During this significant period of time, the company has created more than 200 online casino games (most of them being video slots) which are now being played in more than 170 Neteller casinos NetEnt. In any Neteller NetEnt casino, you’ll find the company’s best products such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Dracula video slots as well as the other online casino games like baccarat or video poker. You can try them for fun on SlotsUp or make an instant Neteller deposit and get the real money winnings in just several spins!

Microgaming Neteller Casinos

Microgaming is a South African online casino games provider that is definitely one of the industry leaders for a reason. Microgaming is creating all kinds of offline and online casino games from video slots to bingo and scratch cards that are played every day in the Microgaming Neteller casinos by millions of gamblers. It’s especially famous for its mobile solutions as more than 350 games are available in the mobile Neteller casinos Microgaming with some of them having their own apps and other available as HTML5 Microgaming casino Neteller in your mobile device browser. Among the best Microgaming products, we can mark out the Jurassic World, Brides Maids, Immortal Romance, and Avalon video slots. These and other games can be found in a Neteller casino Microgaming from the SlotsUp list.

Playtech Neteller Casinos

Playtech was found in 1999 and still remains one of the most popular online casino games providers. Among the company’s products presented in many Playtech Neteller casinos, there are hundreds of video slots devoted to all possible topics, online games of skill, sports betting solutions, lotteries, and live dealer games. They are all united by the perfect quality highly evaluated by the players all over the world and the company’s careful approach to every single detail that you can find in its games.

Novomatic Neteller Casinos

When we say “Novomatic”, we mean “video slots” as this is what the company is famous for. The Novomatic casinos that take Neteller deposits will surprise you with the huge collection of more than 330 video slots starting from the simple fruit machine and ending with the video slots full of lucrative features and bonuses. If it’s hard for you to decide which online game to play, take a look at the Burning Wilds, Book of Ra, and From Dusk Till Dawn slots to get the initial impression of the Microgaming games.

IGT Neteller Casinos

We are closing our list of online casino providers with IGT casino vendor — the name perfectly known by every gambler in the world. International Game Technology is the leading online casino games providers famous for its huge collection of products. If you decide to play the IGT games in one of the Neteller online casinos, you’ll have to choose among video slots, lotteries, card games, and many other things that can bring joy to every gambler’s soul.




IGT Neteller Casinos

We are closing our list of online casino providers with IGT casino vendor — the name perfectly known by every gambler in the world. International Game Technology is the leading online casino games providers famous for its huge collection of products. If you decide to play the IGT games in one of the Neteller online casinos, you’ll have to choose among video slots, lotteries, card games, and many other things that can bring joy to every gambler’s soul.

Neteller Casino Bonuses

There is one thing that can make any gambling experience much better and this thing is an online casino bonus. Online casino bonuses are the special awards given to the first-time players or the loyal customers, depending on the bonus type. The bonuses can be given in a form of money or as other rewarding points and you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements before you can withdraw the money you have won with the help of your Neteller casino bonus. Wagering requirements will usually demand that you bet the money you won a certain number of times before you can use them.

The set of bonuses can change depending on the online casino but the basic list of rewards is usually all the same everywhere: the welcome bonus, the free slots, and the no-deposit bonus. Each of these can increase your possible winnings or just cheer you up while gambling so always look for an online casino with Neteller bonus while choosing the place where you want to make your bets. Now, when you know what th online casino bonuses are, let’s take a closer look at them:

The deposit or welcome bonus is the one you’ll meet in every reliable online casino and at the same time the one that can be the most lucrative one, especially if you are about to trust the online casino with some huge deposit of yours. By giving you the welcome bonus, the online casino means matching your first deposit and sometimes even giving you a half or a third of your next deposits too. It is impressive when you are high-rolling but It’s still nice even when you are depositing $10 to play a single poker round.

It’s cool to get something back in return for your deposit but it’s much more pleasant to get something when you are NOT even giving anything, isn’t it? We are talking about the no deposit bonus here, the bonus that you can get in some of the online casinos generous enough to award their players with such little treats. It can be confined to the freshest gambling product release or to a holiday and usually are given as credits for a game or as a small amount of money you can spend on betting.

And finally, the Free Spins bonus can be awarded both as a deposit and no-deposit one. You can get some free spins pro-bono just because the online casino is in the mood for giving out the things or you can get a pack of free spins after you deposit some amount of money. Usually, the free spins can be used to play all kinds of slots but some may have restrictions for the game providers or the slots type, for example. We are always looking for the newest online casino bonuses to announce so you’d better sick to us if you want to get the freshly-baked rewards.

Neteller Casinos for Real Money

When choosing the online casino Neteller to play, we usually pay attention to several factors.

First and foremost, the online casino should be reliable and have a valid license issued by the relevant gambling authority as playing in the shady ones may lead to truly unexpected results.

Secondly, there should be a decent list of games so that every player can choose something to play whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or slots. It’s important that the website has the games created by the worldwide famous providers that will work as a carte-de-visite.

And, finally, the online casino should give you a choice of possible interface languages, currencies and depositing options. When it comes to online deposits, Neteller is definitely one of the most popular and widespread online payment systems as it’s quick and convenient to use. That’s why the online casinos with Neteller have always had their loyal fans and you can become one of them thanks to our Neteller casino list and find a pay by Neteller casino in one click.

On this page, we’ve collected the best Neteller online casinos that at the same time meet all the above-mentioned requirements like safety and the variety of games. Due to our advanced algorithm, you’ll only see the relevant Neteller online casino sites, unlike many other websites that are showing all the same online casinos on every page. So if you were looking for the online casino with Neteller deposits, you can pick one from the list and get your winnings in the great pay with Neteller casino.

How to Deposit at Neteller Casinos?

The main reason for the Neteller casino deposit to be so popular is that it’s extremely easy to use even for the beginner. To save your time for playing, we’ve created a short guide to the Neteller deposit:

  1. First of all, sign in to your Neteller account or create one.
  2. After logging in, go to the “Money in” page and choose a way to transfer money to your Neteller account. You can do it with the help of your Visa or Mastercard card, bank transfer, Paysafecard, and other options, depending on your location. Choose the amount you want to deposit and wait for a few moments until the transaction is completed.
  3. Now it’s time to make a casino Neteller deposit. Go to your favorite website or choose the online casino with Neteller deposit from our list. Go to the depositing page, enter the amount you want to deposit today and approve your identity with the Neteller account ID.
  4. Wait until the Neteller casinos deposit is completed and enjoy your favorite games!
How to deposit money to Neteller (to use in Online Casino)

With the 4 easy steps, you can make an online casino deposit with Neteller and don’t wait long until the transaction is made as it usually takes a minute at most. The hardest part is usually finding the good Neteller deposit casino but this problem is already solved by SlotsUp and the list of the websites with the Neteller deposit methods.